Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended in any of the stories below, and the characters of Walter Skinner and Agents Scully and Mulder are the property of Chris Carter and Ten Thirteen Productions.

Click here  Chilly Reception - Rated R
Skinner and Patchelli play mind and body games at a wedding.  
Sequel to "Paces".

Click here  Disciplinary Action - Rated R
Skinner comes up with a rather unusual way to reprimand a beautiful insubordinate agent.

Click here  Hard to Heart - Rated NC-17
Valentine's Day becomes Show and Tell for Skinner and Patchelli.

Click here  Maison Noir - Rated M
Misunderstanding and mistaken assumptions rule the day--and night.

Click here  Paces - Rated R
Skinner tries to put Special Agent Patchelli through her paces and in her place.  
Sequel to "Disciplinary Action".

Click here  Watchin' the Detector - Rated NC-17
Spender plays a game of Truth or Dare.

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