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Attraction - Rated NC-17   ATTRACTION - NC-17
SUMMARY - A romance with someone new to SG-1 gets complicated for O'Neill.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   BLACK ROSE - R
SUMMARY - Rose plays a game and Jack reacts.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   CONFLICT - R
Jack and Rose try to resist while gating but the team (and their hormones) have other ideas
when the trip drags on

Attraction - Rated NC-17  THE CONTEST - PG-13
SUMMARY - Plot hole explained.

1969 - Rated NC-17  1969- NC-17
SUMMARY - An Alternate look at Jack and Rose in the past as they visit the Summer of Love.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   LETTERS - PG-13
SUMMARY - A look at Jack and Rose's relationship through some of their letters.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   COMMAND PERFORMANCE - NC-17
SUMMARY - A darker adventure between the sheets for Jack and Rose.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   HOLIDAY SPICE - PG
SUMMARY - A painful memory has morphed into a holiday tradition.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   ALPHA MALE - NC-17
SUMMARY - Jack is hunting Rose...or is she hunting him instead?

Attraction - Rated NC-17   A MUSE - R
SUMMARY - Daniel gets a new assistant and they deal with ghosts from the past.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   MEMORY'S ECHO - NC-17
SUMMARY - Jack suffers from amnesia after a gate trip, and Rose brings him back to himself
in an...unusual way.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   JACK'S RUMP - R
SUMMARY - Someone's in the kitchen with Rose.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   GLASS DARKLY - PG
SUMMARY - Consequences of visiting other worlds come home with Jack.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   SHADES OF PINK - R
SUMMARY - One of Jack's old flames resurfaces to cause trouble at SG-1.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   ROAST OF ENGAGEMENT - PG
SUMMARY - Jack pops the question...sort of.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   STRANDED - R
SUMMARY - Jack and Rose become close while waiting to be rescued.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   1969 - NC-17
SUMMARY - An alternative look at the episode "1969".

Attraction - Rated NC-17   TAG - T
SUMMARY - A character study of Jack O'Neill from a unique perspective.

Attraction - Rated NC-17   WAR OF THE ROSES - R
SUMMARY - Trouble with a quantum mirror causes Jack to see a terrifying future.

Attraction - Rated NC-17  THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS - R
SUMMARY - Jack and Rose celebrate his promotion.

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