Doppleganger      Along Came Jones - Rated M - Charlie Bartlett
Nathan Gardner finds the new Art teacher to be just what he needs.

Doppleganger      Doppleganger - Rated M - The Equalizer
A Mobster's wife and a client of McCall's are both in danger

Doppleganger      Foreplay - Rated NC-17 - Battlestar Galactica
Slow, Roslin learns, is good.

Doppleganger      Knitted Brow - Rated G - Pushing Daisies
A few Christmas gifts appear for folks at the Pie Hole.

Nocturne      Nocturne - Rated NC-17 - Star Trek
A dream is the key to a mystery for Dr. McCoy.

Open House      Open House - Rated T - Harry Potter/The Addams Family
Sometimes families from out of the country want to send their darlings to Hogwarts--

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