Doppleganger      Rose Red - Rated PG - MacGyver
MacGyver gets help from a new hire at the Foundation.

Tiny Bubbles      Tiny Bubbles - Rated PG - MacGyver
MacGyver plays pirate for a good cause.

Doppleganger      The Date That Went To Hell - Rated PG13 - MacGyver
MacGyver discovers he cares for Rose more than he realized.

Doppleganger      Primitive - Rated R - MacGyver
MacGyver and Rose are stranded in the Pacific, and in the course of surviving, come to some realizations about each other.

Doppleganger      Home Again - Rated R - MacGyver
MacGyver and Rose share some secrets and choose each other.

Doppleganger      Three Points on the Same Line - Rated R - MacGyver
MacGyver meets and old and dangerous friend of Rose's.

Doppleganger      The Promise Basket - Rated R - MacGyver
It's Christmas and MacGyver spends it with the Clowderbocks.

Doppleganger      The Barnum Dilemma - Rated PG13 - MacGyver
Mac and Rose not only gain a home, but someone to share it with.

Doppleganger      Swimming With - Rated PG13 - MacGyver
A major fight makes MacGyver and Rose reconsider their relationship.

Doppleganger      October Knot - Rated PG13 - MacGyver
The year is nearly up; MacGyver and Rose are running out of time to keep their promise.

Doppleganger      A Breath on the Door - Rated PG13 - MacGyver
A dangerous virus threatens to take Rose.

Doppleganger      Trudy and the Moonjellies - Rated PG13 - MacGyver
An old friend of Rose's makes a play for MacGyver.

Doppleganger      Bombay Duck - Rated PG13 - MacGyver
Is NHL an acceptable Nursery decor theme?
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