Trudy and the MoonJellies


Mac paced, bouncing on his Nikes, edgy and alert, hands thrust deep into his pockets, the very image of anxiety. Barnum watched him curiously.


"So give it another minute,"

She could sense his impatience; could practically see him checking his watch as he walked back and forth outside the door.

"I thought these things were quick!" he barked. Rose rolled her eyes at her reflection in the mirror, but kept her voice patient. She clipped the white painter's overalls up and put on lipstick, a pink shade to match her shirt.

"It takes a full one hundred and eighty seconds, and don't rush it, pal--you of all people ought to understand that chemical reactions are self-regulated."

A little hiss of frustration greeted this announcement; she studied the results in a detached manner and opened the door a tiny crack.

"And--?" Eagerly he locked his eyes on hers.

 She closed the door again, nearly pinching his fingers."Mac?"

"Yeah?" he replied, hope and disappointment warring in his voice.

"Either way, you've got to promise me you're not going to over-react, okay?"

He took a deep breath, running a hand through his hair. "I'll try," he replied with a deep sigh. "But that's as much as I can do, Rose. The way I see it, either answer's going change my--our-- perspective on the rest of the day, you know."

"Okay," came her somewhat mollified voice. "Come on in."

He stepped into the bathroom of the Grotto swiftly; Rose was sitting on the edge of the claw-footed tub, her expression serene. "So, MacLover, here's the question--when does one equal two, and two equal three?"

He picked up the test stick with both hands, squinting at it as if it held the secrets of the universe. He looked at her.

"When one line means not pregnant, and two lines mean pregnant," he replied, his voice slightly strained. Rose nodded.

"So what have we've got--?" she prompted. He drew in a sharp breath.

"Three lines--Oh my God what does that mean--twins?"

Rose spluttered into giggles, nearly slipping off the edge of the tub in her hilarity as Mac gave her a sober stare.

 She wiped her nose and stood up, taking the stick from him."The first window is the baseline, Mac. That one shows that the test is working correctly," she explained gently. He blinked, and looked down again to where her fingers were pointed.

MacGyver gave a chuffing little sigh, his expression one of astonished glee; in one swift motion he grabbed Rose to hug her, spinning around with her on the tiles like a human tornado."Yes!!"

"Okay, okaaaaaay," Rose gurgled in patient good humor over his broad shoulder, "Calm down! I don't need a jumpstart on the morning sickness--"

"Oooooo yeah, right," Chastened, Mac stopped so quickly that Rose squealed. Quivering, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her mouth, her nose, her cheeks and forehead until she swatted at him playfully.

"Enough! I'm pregnant, we're going to have a baby, you're going to be a father, now can we please go to the exhibit without any further delay?"

"The exhibit! Brat, you want to go spend the day staring at the same marine life you already spend five days a week studying anyway after getting news like this?"  He demanded, astonished at her pragmatic smile.

She shrugged and nodded. "Yep. I've got a vested interest in the invertebrates display and you know it. Come on, Mac--" She tugged at his arm and reached for her purse, dragging him out to the jeep, Barnum at their side. MacGyver's goofy grin was starting to unnerve her; she slipped on her sunglasses and clipped her seatbelt on with a sigh.

"Wow. This is . . ." Mac struggled to define the moment, absently pulling out of the parking lot. "It's soul-changing, Brat, mind-blowing, completely--"

"Exciting," Rose admitted, "But it's not medically confirmed. Let me check with Doctor Chun first, okay? I want to get an official blood test, first-- then you can go spill the beans to all and sundry."

"Right--" Mac tried to sober up, and look serious but it was nearly impossible to wipe the grin off his face. He took a deep breath and coughed it out.

"Choking on those last vanishing vestiges of bachelorhood?" Came Rose's amused comment.

He gave a small shrug, wind whipping at his face."Maybe--but nothing I can't deal with--" he muttered, a twisted grin returning to his face. Rose arched an eyebrow at him until he started laughing.

"All right, all right-- just picturing a few faces when the news gets around, that's all," came his wry admission. "There are going to be a lot of comments, and not all of them are going to be--"

"Gentle and supportive? I bet," Rose laughed as well. "Nikki alone is probably going to have a three-day snit fit."

"Maybe," Mac conceded with a shrug and a grin, "But Jack and Pete are going to go waaaay overboard on the uncle side."

They reached Shoreline Aquarium a while later, moving with the steady stream of visitors into the building. Rose set her sunglasses on top of her head and looked around."I don't see any posters or signs--this isn't good, Mac--" she murmured, concern in her voice.

"I thought the exhibit was ready to go," he agreed, tightening up Barnum's leash. They made their way to the information booth, where a striking looking Asian girl smiled at Rose.

"Ms Clowderbock! Donovan said you'd be here!"

"Hey Dolly--it's Mrs. MacGyver now--what's going on, Sweetie? I thought the jellyfish exhibit was ready to go?"

The girl handed out a brochure to a waiting family and sighed. "That's what we all thought. But we had three of the filtering units fry out on us at the last minute. Donovan's been on the phone all night to Monterey and New Orleans to get loaners, and now the city's fussing about the cost overruns. Right now we're in the red so deep that Hanigan's talking about a takeover again," Dolly finished.

 Mac shook his head."I thought that measure was defeated, that the board wouldn't consider it."

"That was before we burned two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on the jellies exhibit. I'm telling you, Donovan's a basket case, pure and simple."

"Oh man,” Rose shook her head, stunned. Mac gave her a comforting rub on the back; she sighed. "Without the projected income from that display, Shoreline's going to be hurting badly, Mac. The Foundation's contributed as much as they can already, legally--what are they going to do?"

"I don't know, Brat," Mac too, was lost in thought as they passed into the darkened tank hall with the eel exhibits. There was a good crowd at the aquarium, but Rose didn't seem to notice them as she headed to the Employee's only door. Mac followed her in.

A tall thin freckly red haired man was fiddling with a length of plastic tubing, attempting to get it snaked through a section of pipe in the back of a tank. He looked up when Rose walked in, and his face brightened for a moment.

"Me wild Russian Rose! Blooming and in the pink still, I see--did Dolly spell out our current predicament?" Donovan held out a wet hand to Mac, who shook it, and patted Barnum, who politely licked his fingers. Rose gave him a quick hug, and Donovan clung to her a second, giving Mac an idea of how serious the situation was.

"Two hundred and fifty thousand, Danny? I had no idea--" she murmured without preamble.

He nodded grimly."Go home, Rose--short of a miracle, Shoreline's going to Hanigan as surely as I'm Dublin born. There's no way to make the budget by June, it's as simple as that."

Rose shook her head, a gleam in her eyes. She said simply, "Newt."

Mac understood; he nodded as she spoke again, thinking out loud. "My brother Newt could hold a benefit concert with all the proceeds going to the Aquarium--he's got enough fans and connections to make it into a serious event, Donovan."

The thin Irishman looked hopeful, but wary as he finished threading the hose. "You haven't even asked him, Rose--but Lord in heaven, it would be a prayer answered, wouldn't it?  Newton Bock and the Gringo Band playing for us." "

"I'm pretty sure the Phoenix Foundation would pick up the tab for the publicity and venue, even for licensing and the booths," Mac muttered thoughtfully. Barnum had the good sense to wag his tail.

For a moment, none of them spoke, and then Rose squared her small shoulders. "We can only try, right? I mean, Newt owes me big time--I can call in a few favors. Let's see if we can pull this off."

***                              ***                              ***

It took two minutes. Mac only heard Rose's half of the all-important phone conversation, but knew it was clear that Newt not only would do it, but he'd also spread the word out to a few other bands to come join him in the effort. Pete picked up the ball on the commercial end, delighted to be in the thick of things.

"We've got a bidding war for the concessions already!" he told Mac one morning a few days later. "Thank God this is a non-profit deal because a man could be seriously tempted with the kinds of figures I'm hearing."

 Mac nodded absently. Pete snapped his fingers under MacGyver's nose, pulling his attention back "Hey! Woolgathering?"

"Sorta--I got some personal news this morning that's on my mind," Mac murmured, a grin crossing his face. Pete studied him, and his eyes started to twinkle.

He rose from his seat behind the desk and came around. "And---?" he prompted, gaze locked on the taller man's. Mac nodded, and Pete whooped, throwing his arms around MacGyver, hugging and being hugged in return. "My God, Mac that's great!"

"Great. Frightening. Incredible--I've been trying them all on, Pete and every one of them fits." Mac choked out, running his hands through his hair, "Geez, I don't know how I feel--"

"Like every other man in your place," Pete reassured him with a cuff to the shoulder. "Everything from panic to peace and back again. How's Rose?"

"About ten weeks along and not keeping a lot of breakfast down," Mac admitted. "The only thing sitting well is tofu, ironically. She's fine--she even throws up serenely.”

"Good, Good. So we're looking at what? November for a due date?"

"Yeah--Thanksgiving or a little later," Mac nodded thoughtfully. "Right between the holidays."

"Wow--that'll be here in no time, too."

"Tell me about it--" came his sigh. "Anyway, what's up with the concert?"

"Yes, well you know Newton's committed, and there are about three other bands that have signed on as well. He's made a request though--says for you to tell Rose that he wants somebody called Trudy and the MoonJellies to perform. Says Rose knew her back in college."

"She probably did--from what she's told me, her freshman and sophomore years were pretty wild," Mac admitted with a wince. "I'll pass the message along. Anything else?"

"We just need a venue for the crowd--we're thinking Arrowhead, but I have to get a selection of dates and see what works best," Pete replied. "Once that's done, this thing's going to work out perfectly."

"And Shoreline isn't going into Hanigan's pocket?"

"Not if we can help it."

***                              ***                              ***

"Trudy? Oh Lord--Newt expects me to dig up that man-eater?" Rose shook her head as she and Mac folded laundry on the worktable in the grotto. 

 Mac shrugged. "That's what he told Pete. Why? "

"Because Trudy is a pain in the ass, to put it bluntly, Babe. She's coarse and flamboyant and completely full of herself. I ought to know--I put up with her for two years while she did backup with Newt's band. God--Trudy!"

"Was she any good?"

"Fair," Rose admitted. "But she dropped out of the scene when I got busy with real life. I'll call around and see if the MoonJellies are available. Trust Newt to do this to me," she growled a little as she neatly stacked towels and carried them to the linen closet. 

Mac spun a pair of her cotton panties on his index finger and grinned."Hey Brat--I think I found your Betty Boops."

Rose turned and shot him an evil glare; he dropped them in her lingerie pile and scooped them up, moving to the dresser. He dumped them in the top drawer with a playful sigh."Memories--the green ones, the pink ones--Oooohhh, where'd these come from?" He fished out a tiny thong of black satin lace and arched an eyebrow at Rose, who smirked.

"Valentine's day, four years ago--Jezebel's was having a sale so I splurged. Isn't it insane how you can end up paying so much for so little?"

"Oh I don't know--It's worth it, considering the view," he replied a little breathlessly. Rose stalked over and snagged them out of his hands.

"Later, Caveman--right now I've got to get to class. Why don't you take Barnum out and think about something for dinner?"

"I think the first course is pretty well decided on."

"Look, I'm already pregnant, okay?"

"Never hurts to be sure," he replied with a suggestive smile; Rose blushed.

The concert date was announced, and Pete roped Mac into more of the proceedings at it came closer and closer. The advance ticket sales were gratifying, and Mac was pleased to see that Donovan and the Shoreline group were as active and involved in the event as anyone. Most of the bands had submitted their permits and play lists early. The only holdout was Trudy and the MoonJellies, and when Pete called to say she was in his office, Mac couldn't wait to see what she was really like.

"I'm telling you Mister Thornton that the MoonJellies and I don't need security escorts!" she announced in a thick British accent. Mac knocked on the doorframe and peeked in; everyone in the room looked up at him.

"Mac! Meet Ms Trudy Kuppe of Trudy and the MoonJellies," Pete sighed. MacGyver stepped in, looking at the woman spinning in the chair behind the desk.

Trudy had long straight platinum hair sprinkled with light green glitter that matched the emerald of her eyes. She wore a great deal of smoky eye shadow, and her lipstick was a rich deep black. The silvery spangled halter-top she wore barely halted anything; Mac found himself blushing. She looked him up and down in a distinctly predatory fashion, her black spandex skirt riding high on her mesh stocking legs as she dropped them on Pete's desk.

"Oooohhh an American Big Mac--wouldn't I just love to bite into this one--" she purred. Pete shot MacGyver an exasperated look before picking up a sheaf of paper from under one of her black spike heels.

"This one's taken, Ms Kuppe--or didn't Rose mention her husband, MacGyver?"

"Really? That lit-tle sneak--I had no idea! Ah well, seems her taste in men's improved--tell me, Mister MacGyver, does she still have that dreadful fascination with fishies?" Trudy stuck her tongue out somewhat provocatively, and Mac chose to ignore it as he replied,

"You could say that, considering the concert's being held to save the Aquarium."

"Oh right--slipped my mind, it did. I was thinking of other things," she drawled in her accent, crossing her arms and displaying a sweet bit of cleavage as she did so. Pete handed her a page out of the manila folder.

"Look, if you want to be a part of the concert, you've got to agree to the security arrangements, Ms Kuppe--it's standard operating procedure."

"Honestly Mister Thornton, no one's going to be stalking me or the MoonJellies--Christ! We haven't had a gig in eight years! Paula's married to Bock's keyboardist, Nell's teaching in high school and God knows what happened to Brighton--if they want to sign, let them, but I'm not about to waste your time. I'll do my bit and Godspeed for your fishbowl, but other than that . . ."

"Fine," Pete snapped. "You can take responsibility for yourself I suppose. I've got your play list, and the rehearsal schedule's being typed up, so I guess our meeting's about over."

"I guess so--" she stood up from the chair, stretched sensuously and chucked Pete under the chin.

 He flinched a bit, but she smiled."Newt mentioned you were damned good at getting things moving--I respect you for that, Mr. Thornton."

Turning to MacGyver, she shook her head a little and gave a low purr in her throat, looking him full in the face."Married to Rosie, hmmm? Such a pity--you'd make a perfectly delicious . . ." she let her words trail off, leaving quite a bit unsaid but implied. Mac winced, managing a small wave at her when she sauntered out the door.

 Pete shook his head in sheer disbelief. "Talk about a diva--Man, I haven't seen an ego that big in a long time."

"Yeah, Rose mentioned it," Mac admitted, rubbing his face. "Look, Pete, everything's ready to go, and Sandra's got the list almost ready, so I'm heading home."

"Yeah, go on. You and Rose may want to stop in for tomorrow's rehearsal--" Pete shuffled a few papers on his desk, his brow furrowed. Mac nodded.


"So you met her-- does she still think she's God's gift to men?"

"And then some," Mac admitted, looking up from the walkie-talkie he was assembling. "For someone who's been out of the business a while she sure managed to hang onto her chutzpah."

Rose laughed, taking another spoonful of yogurt. Barnum waited at her feet, anxious to help with any spills."Yeah, I'd believe that. She say anything about you?"

"Not really," came his suddenly preoccupied mumble. "Just acted surprised that I was your husband."

Rose shot him an arch look and waved her spoon accusingly. "Then she's losing her touch because in the old days, Trudy would never let a hunk like you get by without some sort of comment. Please tell me she's fat and grey and wrinkled."

"-Come with me to the rehearsal tomorrow and check for yourself," Mac replied slowly. "I could use the--"


"Company, but yeah, maybe bodyguard would be more accurate," he sighed.

 Rose gave him a gentle smile. "Sure Babe--I'll protect you from the big bad Glam rocker."

But in the morning, Rose stayed locked in the bathroom; between flushes and retches, she pleaded with Mac."Come on--What would it look like to have me walk in and go whoopsies across the stage, Mac? I just don't want to take that chance. Just let me rest up and I'll try and make it in the afternoon, okay?"

Mac leaned against the door, concern on his face. "Are you sure you're going to be all right? I can take the day off."

"No way! Pete's going to need your help to coordinate about a thousand little things, and I'm not going to let this zygote get in the way."

"This zygote?" He snorted, "Hey! That's our potential son or daughter, Brat."

"Yeah, well right now it's just an unruly zygote, wreaking havoc on mommy. You go, I'll be fine," Rose muttered weakly.

 Mac gave the door once last concerned look."Only if you're sure," he called.

"Yeah, yeah--give my love to Newt and tell him I'll call him soon, okay?" came Rose's resigned reply.

Mac's security clearance let him wander freely all through the stage area; the fact that he found himself rubbing shoulders with so many celebrities willing to volunteer their time and talent was humbling. He stood in the wings, watching for a few hours. Newt and the Gringo band had already pounded out a few of their classics, when Mac felt a hand goose him. He jumped, much to the amusement of Trudy, who looked over his shoulder through smoky granny glasses.

"Boo, Mister MacGyver--hope did didn't frighten you too much, " she laughed throatily.

 He gave a slight frown and stepped away from her. "Ms Kuppe," he responded distantly with a nod. She was wearing a tiny red leather vest barely held closed with silver chains, and low slung black and silver snakeskin pants with a thick hip hugging belt crowned with a skull and crossbones belt buckle of silver. Her platform sandals clonked as she shifted her weight, one hand on each hip.

"Polite, aren't you? " came her amused British accent.

"My mother did a good job," Mac replied with a shrug. Trudy shook her long platinum hair and watched Newt's roadies move equipment around on the stage, readjusting it for the MoonJellies. She ran a finger up Mac's sleeve.

"Mmmmm, well the fun thing about Mama's boys like you is that they're always so horny. Must be all those years of hiding your fun under the sheets when the lights went out, right?"

Mac shot her a shocked, disbelieving look; she gave him a black-lipped smile and laughed."Oh Christ! Get a sense of humor, Gorgeous!" she sauntered out on stage and began to adjust the microphone. Behind her, a heavyset woman with buzz cut black hair was warming up on a bass guitar, and at the keyboards, a waif-thin man with a Ziggy Stardust look was running scales up and down the keyboard. Trudy took a moment to speak to each of them as MacGyver turned and headed up to the main light control booth, determined to keep out of the way. Pete was up there, headset on, writing directions on a clipboard.

"Where's Rose?"

"Not up to the moment," looking down and across the arena, Mac ran a hand through his hair as Pete made another notation.

"What's Ms Kuppe going to sing, anyway?"

"They're just a cover band--" One of the lighting techies answered. "Mostly Eighties stuff. She's got one listed here--Keep Me Hangin On--"

"And one more at Ms Kuppe's discretion," Pete added. "I'd say lady's choice although--"

"Calling her a lady would be a reach," Mac finished moodily. "I just hope she can deliver the goods."

She could. After the first stanza, even the techs, normally a cynical bunch, were humming along, and MacGyver had to admit that despite her personality flaws, Trudy could sing. She grinned up at the booth and sipped from a bottle of water before calling up,"That's all right then?"

"You got it, Trud--we've got the lighting sequences set. Need a break?"

She shrugged, turning to her band mates, who nodded. With good grace, she set the microphone down and sauntered to the edge of the stage where Newt was adjusting his guitar and chatted with him.

 Mac watched her curiously."Something wrong?"

"I'm not sure--something about her bugs me though."

Pete gave him a concerned glance."Mac--"

"Pete!" MacGyver gave him an exasperated look in return, "Give me a break--It's nothing like that! It's simply that something just doesn't seem--right."

"Like the fact that she's putting the moves on you?"

"No--although that's a pain in the ass--It's something else, something just on the tip of my tongue," Mac murmured in frustration. Pete shrugged.

***                              ***                              ***

It was still on his mind as he walked in to the Grotto to find Rose's note.

Saw you at the Arena--didn't you and Pete even look at the concession stand? I'm at Evelyn's until 6 or so-- love ya, Rose

He glanced around the living room and his eye fell on one of the big maple bookcases. Slowly he walked forwards it to where the photo albums stood and selected one marked "1985" on the spine. MacGyver flipped it open.

Mounted on first page was a snapshot of a sleeping Newt sprawled out on a sofa somewhere, a pile of sheet music and beer cans around him. Mac grinned. He quickly looked at the photos on the facing page, candid shots of Newt and the band, looking younger and hungrier than they had this afternoon. There were more photos; a few of groupies and girlfriends, a lovely shot of a younger wilder Rose on Newt's shoulders, sticking her tongue out and yanking on her brother's ears, a stunning black and white of all the musical equipment piled up artistically in the middle of a street--

Mac skimmed through the photos, searching quickly, but not finding the object of his hunt until almost at the end of the album. Two photos there caught his eye. The first one was of Newt in concert, singing. In the background, three women were crowded around another mike, crooning, and once of them looked familiar. Mac studied Trudy for a long moment, and then turned his attention to the other photo. She was the centerpiece in this one, flicking her tongue at the camera, her platinum hair in punky spikes, and her makeup heavy. She had on a glittery tube top embroidered with satin jellyfish, the tentacles long stands of glass beads---

Mac blinked. He bent over the photo again, but the industrial door began to creak, and he turned his head to see an out of breath Rose being dragged in by Barnum. Quickly he dropped the album, kicking it under the sofa.

"Whoa! Slow down, you plow horse you--hey Mac!" she let go of the leash and came over to Mac, planting a kiss on him. "Got my note?"

"Yeah--guess I must have missed you earlier," he replied slowly. "Had dinner yet?"

"Not yet--but I could be swept off my feet and feted nicely at the Herb Garden."

"Deal, as long as the zygote lets you keep most of it down," Mac murmured, casting a glance at her midriff. Rose smiled.

"It ain't showing yet, daddy-o and probably won't for at least another month and a half, so enjoy the svelte me while you can. Man I could use a nap, though."

"Long day?" he asked, taking the leash off of Barnum's collar.

"You could say that," she agreed. "Concert's tomorrow and I can't wait to see Newt in action--he's actually jazzed about this thing!"

"I know--I like that new song he did today--Einstein's Peppermint Iguana--interesting concept."

Rose laughed. "He told me it was actually called Green Monkey Testicles, but Dan and Matt forced him to rewrite the lyrics. What time do you want to get there?"

"Around noon would be good." He studied her face. "Think you'll be okay?"

"Oh yeah, not a problem."

***                              ***                              ***

"Aquatic-Aid--well I guess it sort of says it all," Pete sighed, watching Mac and Rose arrive through the door of the glass control booth. The floor of the amphitheatre down below was filled with film crews doing interviews and backstage workers making all the last minute adjustments needed to get the concert going. Rose turned her baseball cap around and looked down from the high window, pointing.

"There--Mom, Donovan and I have seats right there, six back from center," she murmured with glee. Mac nodded, smiling, and turned to Pete.

"Where do you want me?"

"Stage right, helping to usher talent on and off I guess. We've got them checking in about now, so if you want to go get busy, it would help. I've got to see about the security-- Rose, can you handle the phone for a while?"

"No problem." she grinned. Pete and Mac headed out in different directions.

The doors opened, and the flood of concertgoers spilled in steadily, filling up the seats. The concessions were doing brisk business; Mac had to hand it to Pete--the man knew how to organize an event. According to the ticket office the event was a sell-out, and the estimated proceeds had not only already covered the Aquarium's initial loss, but also insured enough capital to keep it running for the next two years.

 Mac adjusted his headset and glanced out at the crowds. Only by squinting could he dimly see Lara and Rose, hidden under Newt’s baseball cap next to her in the audience. He grinned and shook his head. Newt was onstage, talking to the crowd, playing up their responses.

A bump against his shoulder made him look; Trudy was tugging at one ripped stocking, her face paler than usual under her heavy makeup. The slinky spangled black cocktail dress was decidedly sexy.

"You feeling okay?" he asked in a soft voice.

 She nodded."Nerves, Darling-- but it's like riding a bicycle, isn't that what they say?" she muttered between clenched teeth. Out on the stage Newt announced her name; she looked up. MacGyver waved her band mates on and turned to Trudy, a twisted smile on his features.

"Come on, you'll be great. I have a lot of faith in you . . . Rose."

She shot a look of stunned surprise at him; he gave her a light swat on the rump and pushed her out onto the stage. The lights hit her, she straightened up and sauntered out, grabbing the mike from Newt and giving him a little shove with her hip. The audience ate it up, and she swung into her number. Mac watched her from the wings, smiling.

She finished, and glanced over at him for a moment as the applause rolled on, then smirked.

"I've got another little number for you," she announced to the crowd. "This one's a dedication, darlings. A good friend of mine has this purely delectable husband you see, and well, he gets me a little hot and bothered. So this is for you Mac--"

The intro throbbed out, and MacGyver felt the hot flush run up his cheeks as the band swung into the Divinyls 'I Touch Myself'. He ran a hand over his burning face, gritting his teeth, laughing a little to himself even as he shook his head. Watching her from the wings was both a torment and a thrill; he shook a warning finger at her and she stuck her tongue out at him again before finishing up the song and taking her bows.

By the time she came hurrying back off-stage he had his eyes closed and was biting his lips."Done?" he demanded.

 She giggled. "Oh yeah, Trudy's final performance--man, how did you figure it out? I thought I'd done a pretty good job covering my tracks," Rose pouted.

MacGyver dropped his big hands on her bare shoulders and stared down into her face."Oh come on--Trudy Kuppe? The only true D cup around here is  you, Brat. And that tongue--you don't think I'd eventually recognize it? Now I admit the heels and the accent threw me for a minute, but once I started realizing that you and she were never around at the same time it was kinda obvious. What made you do it?"

"You did," she admitted, pulling off her platinum wig and giving him a small smile. "I figured you'd get all overprotective. I wanted to sing, Newt wanted me to sing, but we both knew you'd probably veto the idea, so Newt brought up my old alter-ego as a possibility."

MacGyver sighed, pulling her into a hug. "Okay, you got me--yeah, I probably would have given the two of you some grief--so who's sitting out there with your mom?"

"Sandra!" Rose giggled. "Newt sent her a personal invitation, begged her to help us out. I think she's got to be his biggest fan."

Mac sighed, looking down at Rose. She was still decked out in her Glam makeup, but her auburn hair was tumbling loose from the bobby pins, and a thin sheen of sweat gave her a glow.

 She smiled up at him."Wanna play fan boy and rock star later?" she teased. Mac flushed again, and Rose laughed. "I even have the right undies for it."

"You won't have them for long," he hissed. "And stop it! We're gonna be parents pretty soon you know."

"I know, I know--believe me, that's going to be the performance of a lifetime, sweetheart."

Rose kissed him gently and wrapped her arms around his waist, just standing with him in the dark noisy wings of the amphitheater as the concert rolled on all around them.