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Click here   Afternoon Delight - Rated PG-13 - Tony/Pepper

Sometimes it's good to trade jobs.

Click here  A Word With You - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

Someone has to have the last word.

Click here  Bad - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

Tony throws a party and is thrown himself.

Click here  Bailout - Rated PG - Tony/Pepper

Pepper makes a phone call.

Click here  Bonne Ideé - Rated PG-13 

Tony is in the pink, which raises a stink.

Click here  Chukked Away - Rated PG

Tony rescues a damsel in distress.

Click here  Clandestine - Rated NC-17 - Obadiah/OC

Sometimes love is too little, too late.

Click here  Copra Cabana - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

Tony and Pepper end up needing each other in a way they never suspected.

Click here  Eden in a Box - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

Making a life together is never easy.

Click here  Eden in a Box, Book 2 - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

Pepper and Tony stumble through the give and take of a relationship.


The Fairy Tale Series

Click here  A Fairy Tale - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

Tony finds out he's got a little something extra to his DNA.

Click here  Fairy Tale 2: Metamorphosis - Rated PG-13 - Tony/Pepper

Baby makes three in the household.

Click here  All About Max - Rated G - Tony/Pepper

Meet Max, a Potts-Stark production.


Click here  A Gift in Scarlet - Rated PG - Tony/Pepper

Tony gives, before and after.

Click here  Gin Rummy - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

Tony is bored.  Pepper is fed up.  Co-authored with VR Trakowski

Click here  Grilled - Rated M - Tony/Pepper

IMs can be hazardous to your suit.

Click here  In the Year Of - Rated G - Tony/Pepper

Ficlet.  Short.  Blink and you'll miss it.

Click here  It - Rated PG-13 - Tony/Pepper

Tony thinks about it. A lot.

Click here  Knee - Rated R - Tony/Pepper

Pepper slips up.

Click here  The Legend of El Diablo - Rated R - Tony/Pepper

Man vs. Machine.  Any bets on which will win?

Click here  Letters to Santa - Rated PG-13 - Tony/Pepper

Collection of notes to the Big Man in the Red Suit.

Click here  Moose - Rated G - Tony/Pepper

Tony receives a visitor.

Click here  Nutcracker - Rated G - Tony/Pepper

It's a matter of trust. Co-authored with VR Trakowski

Click here  Odey to Love: A parallel romance to Eden in a Box 

Rated NC-17 - Rhodes/OC

Tony Stark, matchmaker.  Jim Rhodes is in trouble.

Click here  Order: Santalales - Rated M - Tony/Pepper

Will Pepper be left behind this Christmas?

Click here  Pseudonym - Rated PG - Happy/OC

Happy Hogan's secret life--it's not all limos and intimidation.

Click here  Purr - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

Everyone has secrets.  Everyone.  WARNING: D/s themes

Click here  Recluse - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

An AU for the Movieverse—What if Tony Stark wasn’t the face of Stark Industries?

Click here  Simple - Rated PG-13 - Tony/Pepper

Life with Tony is simple, now.

Click here  SIN in the Afternoon - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

A follow-up to Stark Industries, Naked.

Click here  Space - Rated G - Tony/Pepper

Introspection on space between Tony and Pepper.

Click here   Stark Industries, Naked - Rated R - Tony/Pepper

Tony is given a debriefing, of sorts.

Click here   Surveillance - Rated NC-17 - Tony/Pepper

Seeing is believing.

Click here  Trick or Treat - Rated PG-13 - Tony/Pepper

It's Halloween, and things are a little Loony at the Stark mansion.

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