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   1775 - M   SUMMARY - An AU set in Colonial America--  H/Cuddy

   All In (Take Two) - NC-17
  SUMMARY - For House Smut Tuesday.  H/Cuddy

   Between the Boys - NC-17
  SUMMARY - Sometimes a good dream is worth pursuing.  H/Cuddy/Wilson

   BJR - PG   SUMMARY - Sometimes it's right on your lips.  H/Cuddy

   Cane and Able - NC-17   SUMMARY - House takes a firm hand in disciplining Doctor Cameron.  H/Cam

   Case #3288432 - M   SUMMARY - Cuddy's acting odd, and House investigates.  H/Cuddy

   Confessor - G   SUMMARY - A hospital visitor helps House and Cuddy get together.  H/Cuddy

   The Corleone Offer - NC-17   SUMMARY - Cuddy makes House an offer he can't refuse. Set Pre-series.  H/Cuddy

   Cuddy's Pair - M   SUMMARY - House has a gift for Cuddy.  H/Cuddy

   Curve of the Peach - NC-17   SUMMARY - House sees another side of Cuddy.  H/Cuddy

   Doc-A-Zulu - PG
  SUMMARY - It's a jungle out there...

   Earful - M   SUMMARY - The past comes calling for Cuddy!

   Endless Love - PG   SUMMARY - Cuddy takes love and tennis seriously.

   House and Family - T   SUMMARY - House's newest patient is a member of a family that's creepy and ooky...  

   House Icons by Josephine

   H. Protector - G   SUMMARY - Response to the Cuddy_fest prompt: Cuddy gets a pet.

   Hummer - PG   SUMMARY - The baby is not his, but House finds that he loves pregnant Cuddy all the same.   H/Cuddy

   Jaunt - PG   SUMMARY - A crossover story in 11 drabbles.   H/Cuddy

   Lending a Hand - NC-17   SUMMARY - For House Smut Tuesday.  H/Cuddy

   Mistress - NC-17   SUMMARY - Cuddy leads House down the dark side.  H/Cuddy

   Naughty Emily - NC-17   SUMMARY - Set in the Tempered Universe--James Wilson and Emily Mansfield practice a little domestic discipline.

   The Path of Least Resistance - NC-17   SUMMARY - Doctor James Wilson meets a special woman out west.  Wilson/Lady Heather (House/CSI crossover)

   Playground - R   SUMMARY - School days, school days--a quick Smut Tuesday fluff.  H/Cuddy

   Pop! - NC-17   SUMMARY - House gives Cameron an unexpected gift.  H/Cameron

   Red Shadow - M   SUMMARY - A legendary parasite lurks in Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital.  H/Cuddy

   Shepherd's Pie - NC-17   SUMMARY - Doctors Chase and Cameron experiment with each other.  Cam/Chase  Spoilers: "Love Hurts"

   Six Thoughts in the Course of an Injection - PG   SUMMARY - Post "Who's Your Daddy?" fic--House has thoughts about his aid.

   Sizzle - M   SUMMARY - For House Smut Tuesday.  H/Cuddy

   Snow Down - PG-13   SUMMARY - The first snow of the season.  H/Cuddy

   Surfline - NC-17   SUMMARY - House comes to Cuddy's rescue.  H/Cuddy

   Tactile - NC-17   SUMMARY - For House Smut Tuesday.  H/Cuddy

   The Tail of Lucy Addis - PG   SUMMARY - House lets his match in out of the rain.  H/Cuddy

   Tempered - NC-17   SUMMARY - A minor deception for a good cause develops into something much more for House and Cuddy.  H/Cuddy

   Tempered II: Into the Autumn - NC-17   SUMMARY - After returning from Bermuda, both House and Cuddy face new obstacles in their charade.  H/Cuddy

   Tempered III: Tying One On - NC-17   SUMMARY - It's time for House and Cuddy to open presents.  H/Cuddy

   Tempered IV - M   SUMMARY - As spring rolls around, House, Cuddy and a few other people face some big decisions.  H/Cuddy

   Tempered V - M   SUMMARY - House, Cuddy, and the Demon Spawn are working it out, along with The Farber.  H/Cuddy

   Tickle - NC-17   SUMMARY - A theory and a toy make for an interesting experiment.  H/Cam

   Torch - M   SUMMARY - A birthday fic for Xraygirl.  H/Cam

   The Upper Hand - M   SUMMARY - House and Cuddy have an understanding.  H/Cuddy