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The characters of CSI were created by A. Zuiker, and are the property of CBS and its affiliates. 
All other characters depicted in these stories are fictional; they are not even distantly inspired by any individual known or unknown to the author. 
Although the locales in this story are real, all events, incidents and characters are pure invention.

CSI cast

click!     Advocate - Rated G
Grissom sees love from both sides now.

click!    Advocate: The Rebuttal - Rated G
A sequel by VR Trakowski.

click!     Alert - Rated G
One of the perks of a CSI's job is...girl-watching.

click!     Bach Against the Wall - Rated G
Greg and er...

click!     The Back End of August - Rated PG
Futurefic; response to a private challenge.

click!     Bed, Book and Candle - Rated NC-17
Jim and Heather indulge in cinnamon and old ambitions.

click!     Beneath - Rated R
A trip out of town provides a neutral zone for Grissom and Sara to explore their mutual attraction.  Sequel to "Under"

click!     Blistered Libido - Rated R
Sara lends Gil a "helping hand" and Warrick and Lydia become attracted.  Sequel to "Cock and Bull"

click!     Boy Toy - Rated R
Second in a series of fantasies.  Catherine/Nick

click!     Bugging Mr. G - Rated G
Neighbors can be pretty interesting in Las Vegas.


click!     Candy Shop: The Grenville Mission - Rated M
Have you ever wondered about the flip side of the coin?  AU

click!     Candy Shop: Wheeling, Nevada - Rated M
Sequel to "The Grenville Mission"

click!     Candy Shop: Muerte Pequeña - Rated M
Sequel to "Wheeling, Nevada"

click!     Candy Shop: Resurrection Garden - Rated M
Miss Chocolate and Mr. Peppermint find that death will keep them apart--but for how long?

click!     Candy Shop: Off the Clock - Rated M
It's vacation time at the Shop, and plans are being made--

click!     Candy Shop: Blood Red Carpet - Rated M
Miss Chocolate and Mr. Peppermint are called on the carpet.

click!     Candy Shop: The Eternity Gauntlet - Rated M
Miss Chocolate and Mr. Peppermint must team up to prove two heads are better than none.

click!     Candy Shop: The Two Mrs. Grissoms - Rated M
The Pros and Cons of Mothers and Art.

click!     Candy Shop: Moon Glow - Rated M
True love finds a way.


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click!     Casa Caliente - Rated NC-17
When all else fails, it's time for re-zoning.  WARNING--deals with mature subject matter not suitable for minors.  Sequel to "Beneath"

click!     Casa Caliente 2: Pet - Rated NC-17
Gil's and Sara's second weekend together uncovers some secrets.

click!     Casa Caliente 3: NLOL and TTOTM - Rated NC-17
Grissom and Sara deal with nosy little old ladies and that time of the month.

click!     Casa Caliente 4: Significant Solitude - Rated NC-17
Grissom and Sara endure their first separation as Sara heads home to help care for her dad.

click!     Casa Caliente 5: Grave Matters - Rated NC-17
Halloween finds Grissom hurt, and Sara and Grissom start a "trial period".

click!     Casa Caliente 6: Gifted - Rated NC-17
The holidays bring a whole new set of challenges to Gil and Sara.

click!     Casa Caliente 7: Christmas Revelations - Rated NC-17
Surprises abound for the residents of the crime lab.

click!     Casa Caliente 8: Auld Lang Syne - Rated NC-17
The New Year brings changes for Grissom and Sara.

click!     Casa Caliente 9: Sheba - Rated NC-17
Road trip!

click!     Casa Caliente 10: Catbird Seat - Rated NC-17
Softball and peril.

click!     Casa Caliente 11: Minefield - Rated NC-17
The year is up...it's time to propose.


click!     The Cheese Cake - Rated NC-17
Grissom has dessert and Sara, in that order.

click!     Chiaroscuro - Rated M
In love there is light and darkness.

click!     Cock and Bull - Rated PG-13
Two related cases and a new CSI make for a busy night in Vegas.

click!     Collar and Cuffs - Rated NC-17
In Vegas, some bets are more interesting than others.  Co-written with ScullyAsTrinity

click!     Comfort - Rated T
There is an explanation for that shirt--

click!     Coming Attractions - Rated NC-17
2008 Geekfiction Summer Blockbuster Fic entry

click!     Critic - Rated G
Brass may not know art...

click!     Cryptic - Rated NC-17
For the the Historical AU Challenge on 1Hour2Write

click!     CSI Quiz - Rated G
Before you go on Spring Break, make sure you take this quiz!

click!     The Dark Garden - Rated T
Grissom tells a story.

click!     Dip - Rated PG
Sara sees a special side of Grissom.

click!     The Drop of a Name - Rated PG
On a dark night, a game in the breakroom gets a little wild!

click!     Eggs and Bunny - Rated PG
An Easter egg story.  Co-written with VR Trakowski

click!     Eleanor Rigby - Rated R
A change in the weather brings two very different people together.  Co-written with VR Trakowski.

click!     Empty Spaces - Rated M
Sara makes a difficult choice.  WARNING: ANGST

click!     Erato's Balance - Rated G
With Sara and Grissom there are no endings.

click!     Evidence - Rated PG-13
Another peek at Gil's nocturnal thoughts.

click!     Fair Play - Rated NC-17
Gift fic from VR.  Sequel to "Nine Year Itch"

click!     Fancy Turns - Rated M
In the spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love.

click!     Fast Hands - Rated G
Sometimes you have to go with your impulses.

click!     Filly - Rated NC-17
Nick Stokes finds himself attracted to someone slightly different.

click!     First Foto - Rated G
A triptych of love.

click!     Five Phone Calls That Didn't Happen - Rated T
Post-Grissom's Divine Comedy crackfic.

click!     Fuming - Rated NC-17
Processing an unusual crime scene brings Grissom and Sara to a new understanding.

click!     Fuzzy Dreams - Rated G
Falling asleep in front of the television really does a number on Sara's dreams--


click!     The Green Pearl - Rated M
In an alternative Universe, Sara's life takes a very different direction.


click!     He/She - Rated NC-17
2009 Geekfiction Smutathon entry

click!     Hollywood and Bovine - Rated PG
Sara and Grissom take a bum steer, but end up in the clover.

click!     Home for the Holidays - Rated M
There's a new addition to Casa--

click!     Home Made - Rated R
Third in a series of fantasies.  Warrick/Lydia

click!     Hot Air - Rated T
It's all in the technique.

click!     Hotel California - Rated M
Grissom and Sara have a flat tire.  And then they have some other things.

click!     Hot Shot - Rated R
A murder at a sperm bank has too many suspects, and Warrick finds his attraction to Lydia growing.  Sequel to "Blistered Libido"

click!     The Hypothesis of Seduction - Rated M
Even in love there must be a balance of science and faith.  Co-written with VR Trakowski


click!     H5N1 - Rated M
AU future fic.  Geeks survive.


click!     Inert Nobility - Rated G
Grissom and the night shift squeak by on their latest case.
 Co-written with VR Trakowski

click!     Inn Trouble - Rated T
Once upon a Christmas, Grissom was Joseph...

click!     In Other Words - Rated NC-17
Grissom gets a phone call.

click!     I've Got You - Rated M
The test was positive.

click!     Jack of All - Rated G
Halloween drabbles, Grissom-style.

click!     Jungyo - Rated R
Investigating a pair of deaths at a Sumo match brings Warrick and Lydia closer.  Sequel to "Hot Shot"

click!     The Kansas Hit - Rated G
There are always dedicated professionals behind the scenes--no matter where the scene might be--

click!     Karma - Rated R
Heather learns that sometimes there are consequences to our lives we never considered.  Co-written with VR Trakowski; sequel to "Eleanor Rigby"

click!     The Kringle P.O. - Rated PG
Grissom's wish list.

click!     The Lasagna Seduction - Rated R
Warrick and Lydia share dinner--and dessert!  FIC IN PROGRESS

click!     Lens of Time - Rated G
Bingo sees her dad in a whole new way.

click!     The Letters - Rated PG
An exchange of notes between Jim and Heather leads to a nice welcome home.

click!     Macha - Rated NC-17
Sometimes looking under the surface makes all the difference.  WARNING: F/F SLASH

click!     Matinee - Rated M
Sara shows Grissom a good time.

click!     Memorex - Rated PG
Response to a private challenge.  FIC IN PROGRESS

click!     Monkey Business - Rated PG-13
Double drabble - Post-ep fic for "One To Go"

click!     My Play by Bingo G. - Rated G
Sequel to "The Back End of August"

click!     Nibble - Rated NC-17
Cookies are good.


click!     Night of the Krug - Rated PG
A toasted pair of techs find a heat between them.


click!     Nine Year Itch - Rated NC-17
Gift fic from VR.  Beautiful encounter between Grissom and Sara.  Bring cold water and a hankie.

click!     N.I.P. - Rated NC-17
Where daylight and darkness meet, some things are forever.  Rated NC-17 for violence, sexual situations

click!     One Night - Rated R
In a single night in Las Vegas, many, many people are on the same wavelength.

click!     On the Beach - Rated M
A year's worth of trying...

click!     On Top - Rated NC-17
Bend over, boyfriend.

click!     Padding the Truth - Rated G
Post "Big Middle", Detective Vartan comes to grips with an inner truth.

click!     The Perfume of Evil - Rated R
Picture if you will, the Nineteen-Thirties where a bespectacled academic Professor and his bob-haired secretary are caught up investigating an Otherworldly Evil blooming in their midst . . .

click!     Pertinent Conversations - Rated PG
Some words between Nick and Starr--

click!     Plot Bunny - Rated G
Sara and Grissom work a fluffy case.  Co-written with VR Trakowski

click!     Powder Burn - Rated R
First in a series of fantasies.  Gil/Sara

click!     Powder Kiss - Rated NC-17
This is a birthday gift for VR, who asked for a revisit to "Powder Burn" after all this time!


click!     The Power Exchange - Rated NC-17
While invited to work on an out-of-state case, Grissom's past catches up with him, intensely changing his relationship with Sara.  AU

click!     The Power Exchange: Language Lessons - Rated NC-17
By request.  The Education of Sara begins in earnest.

click!     The Power Exchange: Dark Waters - Rated NC-17
Sara accepts an opportunity to learn more about her desires.


click!     Saturday by Spoonfuls - Rated NC-17
Sometimes little insanities define us all too well.

click!     Seeing Red - Rated G
An embarrassing moment turns into a bonding experience for Grissom and Sara.

click!     Spoonfuls of Saturday - Rated NC-17
In every love story there are two points of view, and this is the other one, paired with "Saturday by Spoonfuls".

click!     Strings - Rated M
Casa Caliente backstory for Olivia Grissom and Sir Alex De Montavallo.

click!     Tail End - Rated PG-13
All happy endings require a dog.

click!     Taking the Rap - Rated PG
An embarrassing situation for Grissom brings him closer to Sara.  Companion piece to "Seeing Red"

click!     The Talk - Rated PG
Post "The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix".

click!     A Taste of Paradise - Rated M
For the '06 Geekfiction Summer Sizzler Challenge.

click!     Testimony - Rated PG-13
Sara's nighttime musings.

click!     To the Bone - Rated R
In the course of working a serial killer case, an old friend of Grissom's seems to be interested in Sara.


click!     Triage - Rated M
Three people find each other, and that makes all the difference.


click!     Two - Rated G
Grissom has a talk with someone close to him.

click!     Two Roads - Rated R
Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn.  AU for the Mike Keppler story arc

click!     Under - Rated R
A cave-in gives Sara and Grissom a chance to talk.

click!    Wipeout - Rated G
Two unlikely CSIs share a moment.

click!     Your Garden Variety - Rated M
An assignment for Grissom, Sara and Greg turns out to be a little bit more than they were ready for.

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