Coming Attractions

Author's Note: Credit for every word of this goes to Mingsmommy because she's MORE than amazing!

It was during their second post coital conversational catch-up that the subject of Wendy Sim’s panties came up.

When he told her about the incident, Sara started against his shoulder. “Was she burned? Is she OK?”

“She was fine.” He soothed her with both words and a few loving strokes of his warm hand down her back. “All of the acid landed on her lab coat and her clothes, thank god. Of course she had to strip immediately.”

“In the middle of the trace lab?” He smirked and nodded. Sara snorted. “Makes you wonder if Hodges didn’t spill it on her on purpose.” Her long fingers traced a figure eight across his chest.

Then the realization hit. “Wait. You saw Wendy naked?” She struggled to sit up, but he laughed and pulled her back down.

“No, I saw Wendy in her underwear.”

“That’s not much better,” she grumbled, still half heartedly attempting to move away from him.

“I,” his eyebrows rose as he continued haughtily, “was being a gentleman and looked away. I was trying to find a fresh lab coat for her when Hodges said ‘Open the pod bay doors, HAL.’”

“What?” Her brow furrowed as she moved from being semi-indignant to thoroughly confused.

“That’s what I said and I accidentally, without thinking, turned around to ask it.”

Her eyes narrowed. “So, that’s when you saw Wendy naked.”

Grissom blew out a breath and rolled his eyes heavenward. “I did not see Wendy Sims naked.” He collapsed back against the pillow. “I saw her in her panties and a tank top.”

Sara pursed her lips and gathering the sheet around her, sat up. “And were they pretty panties, Gilbert?”

“I…didn’t…they…” Suddenly, he grinned. “That’s the thing, that’s why Hodges said ‘Open the pod bay doors, HAL.’ The logo for 2001: A Space Odyssey was on the back and across the cro…front was that line.”

Sara giggled. “I thought I was a geek.”

He rolled his eyes again. “No, Miss Periodic Table panties, you’re not a geek at all.”

Sara dropped the sheet and draped herself across his chest, running her tongue through the cleft in his chin as she settled. “So, what did Wendy say?”

“When Hodges said, ‘Open the pod bay doors’?” His lips twitched. “She looked at him and said, ‘I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave.’”

The feel of her shaking body against his as she laughed caused him to close his eyes and savor the feel of her skin against his. Sara was in his arms again; a warm, living, breathing, laughing Sara. He breathed her in deeply, the smell of drying sweat and the muskiness of sex and underneath it all the sweet smell that was Sara and Sara alone.

While she was still laughing, he rolled her over, and leaned into her. His lips covered hers with sudden intensity, his tongue slid into her mouth, hot and demanding. Her laughter silenced, her tongue met and matched his stroke for stroke.

“Missed you,” he mumbled when he broke the kiss, pressing his lips against her neck as his hand cupped her breast.

She sighed as her eyes slid closed. “I missed you, too, babe.”

He had kissed his way down to her chest and was happily humming with his tongue circling her right nipple when her eyes popped open. “This is all very nice, but it doesn’t change the fact you ogled Wendy Sims in her underwear.”

“Mmm?” He kissed his way to the center of her chest. “I did not ogle. Hodges ogled. I accidentally saw an employee in a state of semi-undress while attempting to help them with a chemical spill.” He began placing open mouthed kisses on her stomach.

“You saw Wendy in her underwear.”

Her voice was flat, but he could tell from the change in her breathing and the flush spreading from her cheeks to her chest, she was feeling some emotion, and it wasn’t jealousy.

“I’m a scientist.” He ran his tongue lovingly around her navel. “A biologist.” He nipped at the skin and dipped his tongue in.

“You’re not off the hook,” she insisted, her voice slightly wobbly, shot through with desire.

As he continued to his journey downward, his voice assumed a pleasant monotone. “I know I've made some very poor decisions recently.” He inserted a thick finger into her and watched her eyes close as a shudder ran through her. “But I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal.” Gently, he spread her labia and ran his tongue through her wet folds, listening to her moan. “I've still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission.” He placed his tongue against her clit, circling it, once, twice. “And I want to help you.”

Sara groaned aloud and draped her legs over his shoulders. “God, I love the movies.”

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